Atlanta, GA, July 10, 2017 –(– Zyleck Technologies, Inc. (Zyleck), an Atlanta, Georgia-based Transport Network Company (TNC), announced today the Beta launch of Lymousine, its ride scheduling and last mile package delivery platform, underpinned by a Doctoral thesis, enabled by patent pending technology, and built on Microsoft Azure.

According to Zyleck’s founder, Michael Treasure, Lymousine was developed to address inefficient vehicle/driver utilization rates with leading TNCs, ensure pick-up time certainty, and provide a cost effective last mile package delivery solution to retailers that have significant competitive pressure from e-commerce companies.

In his Doctoral research, Mr. Treasure discovered that drivers from leading TNCs were unloaded for approximately 50% of miles driven, waited around approximately 50% of the time, and were routed in a haphazard fashion to their next pick up. Such inefficient results help explain why many drivers with leading TNC platforms are significantly dissatisfied with their earnings, work only a few hours per week, and experience large turnover; and these inefficiencies also help to explain why leading TNC platforms are still not profitable.

Furthermore, Mr. Treasure and his team observed that all consumers want convenient same day and instant package delivery, but only a fraction of consumers will pay a premium for it. Therefore, brick-and-mortar retailers must pay for same day and instant package delivery if they want to compete with e-commerce companies that can offer fairly fast and next day delivery to consumers. Unfortunately, legacy package delivery options are too expensive as a result of high labor costs, and existing TNCs are concentrating on premium delivery and ignoring last mile package delivery where cost pressures and brick-and-mortar retailer demands are highest.

Mr. Treasure developed Lymousine to solve these problems. At its core, Lymousine is a logistics company. With its advanced algorithm, Lymousine can minimize driver unloaded miles, minimize driver wait times, maximize driver routing efficiency, and thereby provide a cost effective alternative to existing TNCs and legacy package delivery companies. Lymousine’s algorithm rebalances utilization in favor of increasing driver earnings per hour, decreasing driver turnover, and reducing the aggregate driver pool needed to meet rider and package delivery demands.

Lymousine’s strategy is also aimed at ensuring business sustainability and continuity during deployment of autonomous vehicles. Lymousine will accomplish this by setting aside 5% of revenue to help drivers buy their own autonomous vehicles. According to Zyleck’s Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer, Adriane Tamrat, "Drivers and vehicles are an integrated system; thus, an autonomous vehicle is a driver and vehicle rolled into one. Zyleck’s focus on providing drivers a future via autonomous vehicle ownership improves the overall conditions for the company and its stakeholders and ensures business viability and profitability during autonomous vehicle deployment."

Lymousine’s platform was jumpstarted as a result of enrolling in Microsoft BizSpark Plus program for startups. "The last year has been incredibly productive working with and on Microsoft’s technology," says Mr. Treasure. "From concept to Beta launch took less than a year. That would not have been possible if we did not have the support of Microsoft and its scalable Azure cloud platform."

"Zyleck’s Lymousine solution on Microsoft Azure brings efficiencies to the TNC and last mile package delivery business models by meaningfully reducing driver unloaded miles and wait times, and increasing route efficiency, and thereby improving the company’s bottom line and driver experience," said Jim Brisimitzis, General Manager, Microsoft for Startups at Microsoft Corp. "Azure's global scale, security, and compliance portfolio make it the ideal cloud platform for ride sharing and last mile package delivery business models such as Lymousine and sets the stage for profitably deploying autonomous vehicles as part of a TNC’s fleet."

Going forward, Zyleck is enthusiastic about working with the Microsoft for Startups team. "Microsoft is helping us by providing technology, marketing support, and introductions to industry insiders and potential investors; and with good execution on our part, we at Zyleck are confident that we will be able to provide the market differentiation and excitement needed to benefit and make an impact in the burgeoning ride sharing and last mile package delivery transportation space, this, according to Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Yina Qiao.

Lymousine is now launched in Beta in the Atlanta, Georgia area and will be rolled out across other states and in New Delhi, India in the coming months. The Lymousine Driver and Lymousine Rider apps are immediately available from the iOS App and Google Play stores.

About Lymousine

Lymousine is a new, patent pending, ride scheduling transportation network and technology company based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, with a technology support office in New Delhi, India. Lymousine’s approach to the ride sharing and last mile package delivery markets is fundamentally different from all other market participants by focusing on routing efficiency to increase driver utilization and provide drivers and our retail customers a viable future. In this way, Lymousine is elevating the interests of its driver and retail partners to more closely align with the goals of the company.

Forward-Looking Statements

This news release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Although Zyleck believes the expectations reflected in any forward-looking statements are based on reasonable assumptions, it can give no assurances that its expectations will be attained. Such statements are inherently uncertain, and actual results and activities may differ materially from those estimated or projected. Certain factors that can affect Zyleck’s ability to achieve its anticipated results include, among others, uncertainties inherent in the development of a new software product business.

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