Yes, it is ambitious, he admits. Ill create 250,000 affordable. There will be no one in a few years to get flats in this place. Young people dont ache that they longing somewhere to breathing.

People are kicking going on a fuss very roughly Crossrail 2 but you profit that whenever all is proposed anywhere in London, as if it was a crime. He plans to focus on the capitals pollution difficulty by planting trees. The Prince says: I would tree-tree-reforest one million trees, one all three yards. Anybody who gets planning right of entry for all a kitchen extension, loft conversion they pay any more 50 to 100 for the council to plant a tree.

Theyd profit a tiny plaque behind their proclaim upon it. It gives people a prudence of ownership. And its the whole important to exploit pollution. Thats why I would ban Nigel Farage from London. Without newcomers from abroad this city would scrape to a decrease in 10 minutes. He with wants to create cyclists have number plates.

If cyclists ache to be taken seriously they habit to have number plates, he says. They wont once it, and I preserve their rights, but if they hurting their rights to be acclaimed by more Londoners and a lot of people despise cyclists later they habit to combine themselves a lot more. Why does the Prince think Londoners should vote for him? I sore spot to construct five era as many homes as Labour and the Tories, he answers,

The mayor has colossal planning powers. Boris has used them 12 period I will use them 12 times a day. He also names his favourite leaders: Trump, Boris, Obama. Zac [Goldsmith] is a Barbie doll and Sadiq Khan has had a magnetism bypass, he says. You need experience. What people sore spot is leadership, the carrying out to communicate in a way that touches their lives.