International author, Dr Nirvadha Singh, has been recently spotted at the Mayor’s Reception for the 2016 World AIDS Conference. Dr Singh, who is a public health specialist and executive member of the South African Medical Association, is known to be instrumental in the organisation of the conference recently held in Durban, South Africa. The conference has been graced by several well known dignitaries, including the likes of His Royal Highness, Prince Harry of Wales, musician Elton John and actress Charlize Theron.

Dr Singh also known by her followers as Doc N, had penned a recent column as the health editor of The Health Chronicle; an online health magazine. She provided a new acronym for AIDS renaming it as Acceptance, Integration, Development and Support. In her article, she highlights the story of an orphan whose parents die from HIV as they had refused medical treatment in the hope that non-medical therapies would cure them. Singh highlights that there is a growing stigma and discrimination against individuals with HIV and AIDS and that the communities need to be more supportive. ‘Knowing your status is important as you can be treated early,’ writes Dr Singh.

The author’s recent book is known to emanate from her challenges and experiences with patients suffering with cancer and AIDS. The book titled, You: The Journey Begins, is said to provide hope and encouragement to help patients deal with their illnesses.

[Media picture courtesy of BLM.]