Neo2, the latest binary trading software on the markets, is definitely worth your time and taking a look at. Neo2 “scam” is a binary options software that will help all levels of traders, from new novices to experienced traders, to invest in their choice of binary trades.

Neo2_autotrading_software-300x106This software is designed so as to make thousands of dollars right in the starting days of your trading. Neo2 is a software which will help you to analyze the market and learn to understand binary options. Neo2 is a great tool for anyone interested in trading binary options with low risk, high returns and minimum efforts on your part.

Binary options are undoubtedly quickly becoming a favourite of traders as both a hedging and speculation technique. While they might appear to be fairly new, binary options have actually been traded for more than a just the last couple of years. They were at first traded non-prescription typically between two institutional financiers, mostly hedge funds and investment banking prop desks.

Right since the day it launched into the markets, the neo2 software has been free to use and sign-up but it requires a registration with a broker and the minimum amount of investment has been set to $250.

The neo2 has been clocking an amazing success rate of 86%. What this effectively means is that any user or trader, is guaranteed to make an astonishing profits on 8 out of the 10 trades that he deals in. the customer service and support that the company provides has been extended to 24 hours all day and all 7 days of the week. Any trader or user that has any difficulty at any point of time, is assured the maximum support possible to resolve all pending issues.

As soon as we’ve to the email with the link to NEO2 software, we jumped right in to check it. We’ve been waiting for NEO Squared to go live for months now. As we stated above, it is a well-anticipated software. Before we’re going through by checking scam signs, we must tell you this. NEO2 / NEO Squared it a 100% LEGIT software! Finally, we found another legitimate auto trader to trade binary options with. Soon you’re going to figure out why NEO2 software / NEO Squared is a game and life changer. The NEO2 software is all you have to have in today’s binary options industry. Let us jump right into our NEO Squared scam review.


There are tons of companies out there offering Binary Options Trading, so the question to ask here really is how is Neo2 auto trading app different from the others. Well, for starters, Neo2 isn’t an elaborate scam like most other binary trading systems are. Just one look at the binary trading option services, and you can make an educated guess whether it’s a fraud or a genuine trading site and our verdict is that that it couldn’t really get more genuine than this. It is easy to use, fun to work with and gives mind boggling returns! What more could you possibly want?

The exponentially increasing popularity of NEO2 trading app is a harbinger to the fact that it is not one of those scams, but rather a genuine binary trading option which can help you earn anywhere upwards of $2500 a week.