Joe Clarence and Jocelyn Calista became youngest millionaires by creating an animation studio and Franchise Mall Group.
Franchise Mall Group is a start-up that they created since 2004.

It started from the scratch paper  and from experiences day by day, following their Mother wherever she goes when doing business.

From the hobby like to eat and taste food, they have idea to  make an unique foods and brand becomes famous.
The world wide Chain Stores and Licensed Charatercs belonging to Franchise Mall Group place Joe Clarence and Jocelyn Calista as a Youngest Millionaires.

How to Become a Millionaire like them  :
IMG_20160511_145637_wm1. Set yourself concrete goals.
Good preparation is an absolute necessity when it comes to endeavors as big as becoming a millionaire.
And it all starts with giving yourself concrete, measurable goals that you can keep your eyes on.

2. Get a good education.
Although there are a number of examples of millionaires and billionaires who never completed college, statistics show a link between education and wealth.
The higher your level of education, the more opportunities are unlocked for you, and the higher the chance that you will become a millionaire.

3. Take care of your health.
Making money and making good decisions that create more money in your life require you are in a good shape.
Keep fit, eat well, and take a good care of your body.
It is your health that will provide you with the energy and resources needed to keep going on the commitment to becoming a millionaire.

4. Be tenacious.
Success requires an ability to keep getting up after failures.
There will be plenty of failures as you try to find the best ways to make a million or more.
This isn’t about the safety net of an average salary and the boss’s orders being met each day.
To become a millionaire, you have to be prepared to make decisions that won’t always succeed but if the risks aren’t taken, then the potential for success won’t be realized either.

5. Check your self-confidence.
If it’s low, now is the time to build it up.
High self-esteem and good self-confidence are essential traits to help you on your way. However, don’t let this delay you.
You can fake it until you make it and the more you practice being confident, the sooner it becomes a part of who you are.

6. Read the advice of those who’ve made it.
Benefiting from the wisdom of the successful can never hurt,
but be careful not to get caught up in the planning and preparing stage.
The most important step is taking action.
However, do spend some time reading other millionaires’ advice.

7. Find a mentor who has walked the way and seek advice.
Surround yourself with already-made millionaires.
They can be found in several places,
there’s even a private online club where you can have a millionaire mentor personally show you how to make money in many areas.

Anything can happen with a great idea, hard work, and creativity.
These teens are living proof. There is no minimum age to become a milionaire

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