Francine Jansen is an industry veteran with a proven track record of outstanding performance and delivering strong results.

June 17, 2020, USA – Francine Jansen a strategist and transformation expert with a significant performance in the Information & Financial Technology and Services industry has joined FortuneZ as a COO i.e. a global business publication.

The veteran, Francine Jansen is also serving as Chief Strategy Officer for Crypto Chain University, best known as the world’s first repository for compiling blockchain and cryptocurrency research papers, established in 2010. Coupled with the knack of coping with the fast pacing industry with skills and expertise, Francine accepts the challenges associated with her current role and says” You snooze, you lose’ is very apt in what I do, but I learn from experience.”

When sharing her astonishing journey and how it began, she shared,” I  started my journey in 2009, where I held the role of Strategy Advisor for the brand Herbert R. Sim who is now commonly known as The Bitcoin Man. The experience I have gained from that role has helped shaped my career and has a huge influence on the business decisions I make. My journey is somewhat equivalent to a rollercoaster ride. From there, I have held several C-Level positions and it has turned out well. She also now takes on an important role as a consultant, actively advising startups, putting business strategies, and plans in place.

Francine Jansen has been a crucial leader in the success of organizations that she has been associated with. While leading the accomplishments, she has set an exemplary milestone for other women who want to excel in the top management in the industry. The COO advises them,” My advice to women who wish to be part of top management is, the more you know, the more powerful you are. Don’t just sit at the table; talk at the table! To stand out and excel, especially as a woman in the business world, you need to lead. Think of yourself as a leader first, and your role, second. This will be the foundation that steadies you through the challenges you will inevitably navigate. Also believe, believe, and believe in yourself!”

FortuneZ is a global business publication catering Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, or iGaming under one roof. Since its inception in 2000, the publication with the domain name is one of the first domain names across the world-wide-web. 

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