The Sea of Galilee is absolutely one of the most attractive locations in Northern Israel. Hence, it is a must to visit it at least once during your travel to this area.

But what would actually be better and more enjoyable is booking your luxury Zimmer near this wonderful place.

This famous freshwater lake in Northern Israel is the real place to be. From the wonderful green view, the refreshing air, to the fascinating blue color of the lake meeting that of the sky. A mesmerizing panoramic scenery to never miss.

If one visit to this magical place would fill your heart with joy, can you imagine what waking up to it every morning, witnessing every sunrise and watching every sunset would make you feel?

We do know. This is why our luxury Zimmers are located exactly in this area. With a full view on the Sea of Galilee, you are definitely going to experience this magical feeling during your stay at Eden’s luxury zimmers.

With different themes from every part of the world, you will be living an international experience from your stay at our luxury Zimmer near the Sea of Galilee.

Our friendly staff will welcome you to your comfortable stay, and assist you through every step to settle during your stay at our luxury zimmers.

Besides, you will get the option to pick your favorite theme, with many available such as the Japanese, Moroccan Modern, Antique or the Spontaneous theme, for instance.

On top of that, there are diverse packages available, so the budget will be the last thing to think about when picking your luxury Zimmer In Had Nes

Take a leap of faith with Eden’s Boutique, and trust that every detail will be taken care of by professionals to make your vacation the best one possible!