Most people remember Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein fondly. His impact on the Jewish community and Israel was an enormous feat. His personality was equally massive. He walked into every room as if he was meeting life-long friends. His untimely death was a tremendous loss. Not only to the community he served but personally tragic to his soulmate and wife Joelle. The tragedy of his death, hard to manage. She then moved forward into more disaster. The charity that she built at his side. The powers decided that they no longer needed her.

The Alexa Show, which appears on several PBS channels in the U.S and streams LIVE to Facebook, highlighted Joelle Eckstein’s story. The widow of well-known Rabbi, Yechiel Eckstein.

Joelle Eckstein faithfully worked alongside her late husband for 15 years as he built an organization that raises $100 million a year to help Jewish widows and orphans. He dedicated his life to building bridges between Christians and Jews.

In February 2019, she lost it all. In a tragic moment, her husband and her mission were both gone. A life intertwined not only in a beautiful marriage but in a unified charitable and spiritual purpose. Joelle was a leader in his organization. They were creating a hotline with her husband, which became a resource, filling Israel residents’ needs. In one shocking moment, she was alone.

Joelle became a shell of her former self, struggling to get up every day. Then she had a realization. What he would want for her was to turn her unbearable pain into purpose. It was at that moment that the Eckstein Fund was born. The Eckstein fund hotline is up and running, helping many working poor in Israel who live from paycheck to paycheck. One unfortunate event, like losing a job, an eviction notice, or a medical emergency, can push them into debt or homelessness. Every day, the service is impacting Israelis in need.

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